Monday, October 20, 2008

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

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Yup, she was on SNL, you betcha'.

But this isn't going to be a good week for Spunky. You may remember that she was found guilty in the Alaskan Legislature's "Troopergate" probe. But what you may not know is that while that investigation was going on, Spunky and Todd requested that the Alaska Personnel Board do their own investigation.

The Palins claimed that thee Legislature's probe was politically driven, so they asked the board, which is under the auspices of the Governor's Office to do a parallel probe. The board hired Timothy Petumenos to undertake the probe as an independent council. This week, Todd and Spunky will be interviewed. The two investigations were going to be separate, but no more.

And just to make this more fun:
Timothy Petumenos was appointed as the independent investigator for the Personnel Board. The buzz around town is that he’s a good guy, a competent and aggressive trial lawyer, a straight-shooter, and will do his job well. Then came the awful revelation…Timothy Petumenos is…..a Democrat. (loud ominous chord plays on the Mudflats organ) And not only a Democrat, but one who had contributed to Tony Knowles 2006 gubernatorial campaign when he was running against Palin!(loud, slightly higher on the scale chord plays on the Mudflats organ)