Friday, October 10, 2008

Cornhusker Alert!

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Last week, Oreo reported on the opening of a second Obama office in Omaha, the next day, Matt reported on campaign events in the city. Well, hat trick: Obama is opening a third office in Omaha. Hat tip to DCWer Tom C. who writes:

This is great. The first office was centrally located. Number 2 was in a heavily African-American area of town. This third office is going to be located in the affluent suburbs. Obama is seriously gunning for the more Republican areas of the district.
Senator Obama is not the only Democratic office-seeker in Nebraska. Orange to Blue candidate Scott Kleeb is the Democratic running for retiring Chuck Hagel's Senate seat. While he is still behind in the polls
This month, Kleeb has taken the lead among unaffiliated voters in Nebraska, 43% to 35%. That’s a big shift from July, when Johanns led this group of voters by a 47% to 30% margin. Among men, the Republican leads 53% to 37%. Women favor Johanns by a 52% to 40% margin.
And then there is Jim Esch. The DCCC just decided to put some money into the race.
The $435,000 invested in advertising by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee means that the national party believes Esch has a chance of upsetting U.S. Rep. Lee Terry, a five-term Republican incumbent.
Full poll results for the second district.