Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Democratic Gains in Nevada

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Nevada's voter registration deadline was last Saturday, October 4th. The final numbers are not available yet, but we do know that Republicans have traditionally outnumbered Democrats in the Silver State. In 2006, the GOP had a 20,000-person advantage.

But as of September 30th, Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Nevada by more than 90,000 - a shift of more than 110,000 since the last general election. No doubt the Democratic presidential caucuses in January helped - but the Republicans had a contest that day as well. Too bad they chose to ignore it.

But registration doesn't mean the election is a lock. Because even with the uptick, the latest Rasmussen poll still only has Obama up by 4 points - within the margin of error. Just this past week, the Republicans sent Mitt Romney into town to pump up the GOP troops. They even sent in Dick Cheney, though not really sure why.

ote: the correct pronunciation of the state does not have the "vah" sound in it. Not. At. All. It is correctly prononced with a "vad" rhymes with "dad" in the middle.