Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ghosts of Joe McCarthy

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If you are “of a certain age” or a student of history, then you know who Joe McCarthy (R-WI) was, you know what the acronym “HUAC” stands for, and you know the end of the question: “Are you now, or have you ever been…”

Dark Days.

Yesterday, we had Sarah Palin in North Carolina referring to the “pro-America areas" of the country.

This could have been the most offensive comment of the day, but for that, Michele Bachmann would have had to keep quiet, and it didn’t happen that way. Before you read any further, accept that you’re going to be offended, go sign the censure petition, and then come back for the details.

Welcome back.

Michele is the House Rep from the Minnesota 6th. She is receiving money from, I kid you not, “ROMP” the GOP acronym for Regain Our Majority Program. In case you didn’t see what she said on Hardball:

Her opponent is Elwin Tinklenberg and while there is precious little polling, she was ahead 42% - 38% as of yesterday. I’m guessing that the numbers will shift if they poll again. It’s reported that Tinklenberg, who is far behind in fund-raising, received $30,000 last night after Michele made the national news. Please consider helping.