Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin drops the puck

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The event of the day will be Sarah Palin dropping the puck at the Philadelphia Flyers' season opener.

For Republicans — who are clinging to diminishing hopes that Palin and her running mate, John McCain, can carry Pennsylvania — a less-than-warm welcome from the notoriously unruly Philly fans could be embarrassing to the GOP ticket. A cascade of boos for Palin might also prove to be a PR nightmare for the Flyers, reinforcing yet again Philly fans’ reputation for boorishness, and focusing unwanted attention on the motives of the teams’ managing partner, big GOP donor Ed Snider. - Politico

If they can boo Santa Claus and cheer an injury who knows how they'll react to Palin.
Puck drops at7 Eastern. No national TV but NHL Center Ice has a free preview this week.