Friday, October 10, 2008

Serving on a Board

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I am working from home today, and I have the TV on in the background. In my house, that means MSNBC. So I am listening to this conversation about Obama serving on a board with Bill Ayers. Without me saying anything, you already know what the people are saying.

So here's where I'm at. I've served on two boards: a non-profit board for a one-year term, and an organizational board for almost 5 years. On the one-year board, I never saw anyone outside the board meetings, I did my job, and occasionally spoke with a couple other members about the 501(c)(3) application on which I was working. On the other board, I had more interaction with some of the members.

So when they say that Obama served on a board with Ayers, my first thought is -- A BOARD!?!?! So what? You don't date those people, you're not necessarily friends, in my experience, I actually really, really, REALLY disliked a number of them. But you're there to work for a common cause, so you put personalities aside to the extent possible, and get the work done.

What about you?

Please use the comments to say whether you think who one serves on a board with has any bearing on anything. I'm curious if serving on a board gives one a different perspective. It may be that people who have never served on boards think that people who serve on a board walk in lock step, it may be that the experience others have had on boards is different than mine.