Thursday, October 09, 2008

Update on Alaska

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Before we get to the "real" part of this post, I was listening to the early news this morning, and there was a little tidbit that 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Again. The claim is that she didn't know she could get pregnant while breast feeding. I don't know, that line, plus the graphic (which was sent to me in an email) just seemed like a good way to kick this off. You know, no abortion, no birth control, abstenance-only "education".

So -
Ted Stevens just caught a break, the judge has agreed to throw out some prosecution evidence. Begich is still ahead, but barely.

In the House race,
Ethan Berkowitz is still winning. Expect Don Young's indictment to quickly follow. (Honest, it was only a matter of time.)

Which brings us to Troopergate. Steven Branchflower will be releasing his report tomorrow. He finally got people to honour their subpoenas. Todd, who has admitted to being a "close advisor" to his wife,
admitted his complicity in trying to get Mike Wooten fired. Thanks to mudflats for keeping up the vigilance on following Troopergate.