Friday, January 18, 2008

23 States' Blogger credentials haven't been applied for

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According to the Democratic National Convention Committee's blog as of January 8th there are still 23 states that have no applications filed for blogger credentials. The DNCC will issue credentials to one blogger in each state.

Most surprisingly bordering states that are an easy drive to Denver are mostly open.
5 out of 7 of Colorado's neighbors have had no applications sent in for what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

To see a map of which states have no applications click here. States that already have applications are not necessarily out of reach as the final decision won't be made for at least a couple months.

For anyone interested you can get more information from the DNCC

2008 DemConvention State Blogger Corps
Recognizing the growth of more localized blogs, this pool is designed for those covering state and local politics. To qualify as a state blogger, the applicant’s blog must have been in existence six months prior to requesting credentials and have at least 120 politically related blog posts. Bloggers must submit their daily audience and list their authority based on Technorati stats. Bloggers may also provide examples of posts that make their blog stand out as an effective online organizing tool and/or agent of change.

Once the state bloggers have been identified for the DemConvention State Blogger Corps, the applications of those not selected for this program will all be transferred for consideration for the general blogger pool.
Update from Matt: And don't forget, if you want to follow the drive to find a blogger from Guam to cover the convention, check out Guam Loves Jason Rosenberg.


John Wesley Leek said...

I have the #1 state focused progressive blog in Mississippi. Cotton Mouth

I sent in an application, but don't have any Technorati rating, so I'm worried they won't consider me. I don't have any because I'm on a blogger blog.

Otherwise I think I'm an excellent candidate. If you know a way to explain this to the folks giving credentials please let me know.

cottonmouthblog at gmail dot com

Thank You.