Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Ascension to the Convention

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Now that we know the nomination isn't a done deal I figured we should come up with a corny title and back it up with a majestic horn section and some timpani and repeat it every three minutes. If we're going to be a news organization we need to act like one! Other possibilities are "The Contention for the Convention" or "Center of Attention at the Convention"

Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire primary win puts her 9 delegates closer to the nomination. Although he finished second, Barack Obama also got 9 delegates and John Edwards followed up with 4 delegates.
We continue to update the Delegate Tracker (on the left) as well as our Superdelegate List and our List of Superdelegates who haven't endorsed whenever we get new information.

Next up is Michigan on January 15th (which if you haven't kept up with is quite a story) followed by Nevada on the 19th and South Carolina on the 26th.


Anonymous said...

Right-on! This is not a done deal. Those that have yet to be counted are waiting in the wings for their chance. Thanks for this site! Its a pleasure to find non-pundit info.
Oh and by the by, WA state democrats are picking their delegates by caucus-Feb.9th, not primary as you have on your primary calendar. The primary will have no bearing on democratic party delegate selction. Only the (R).