Saturday, January 26, 2008

CBS: Obama over 100 superdelegates

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Just a quick note that CBS now has Obama at 106 superdelegates, the first time any media organization has had him over 100. We've got him at 85 public superdelegates, so there are 21 Obama delegates, as well as 26 Clinton and 11 Edwards delegates, that are hiding out there. (We'll have Sen. Bill Nelson's endorsement of Clinton on the list when its announced on Tuesday).


Anonymous said...

As an Obama supporter it is discouraging to see these superdelegate numbers assigned to Clinton already, almost as if our primaries and caucuses delegate numbers for the rest of the country do not matter "because he (Obama) can't win" due to her superdelegates. I'm sure that is somewhat intended! Can you help us understand if our Obama votes matter at this point to get candidates to the National Convention?

Oreo said...

The superdelegates only make up about 20% of the total delegates. Super Tuesday will play a much larger roll in determining who the nominee will be.

You have to remember that the superdelegates can change their mind at any time. Any major slip or momentum change could cause them to switch their endorsement.

Wee Laura said...

Thanks, Oreo, for mentioning that the superdelegates can change their mind at any time. I have been wondering whether the could, so thanks for the info.