Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa caucus day is finally here

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We finally made it to the big day. In just a few hours caucus locations will be opening and we'll finally see if all of the candidates' hard work has paid off.

CSPAN will be covering the Democratic Iowa Democratic Caucus beginning at 7 Eastern
If you're as much of a political geek as I am today is pretty exciting. I'll probably watch some of the Republican Caucus on CSPAN-2 which also starts at 7.

If you live in Iowa and don't know your caucus location you can check at Iowa First Caucus
And if you missed my post yesterday here is a great video on how the caucus works.

Watch the video here

Check back tomorrow for updated delegate numbers at the Delegate Tracker on the front page.

Update: A new report from the Iowa Independent is claiming that Bill Richardson is asking his supporters to caucus for Obama in the second round of voting. This is a one-way deal unlike Edwards and Kucinich's announcement yesterday that they will send their caucusers to each other should they not get enough support. (Note that the CNN article says the Iowa caucus is on Monday... way to go CNN). No word yet on any deals involving Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd or Joe Biden.