Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Day... things might get interesting

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The first primary of this election year started at midnight in the small northern New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch. At stake in today's primary are New Hampshire's 22 Democratic delegates.
Most polls will close at 7pm with a few staying open until 8.

Streaming coverage can be seen on MSNBC and from WMUR sometime during the day. You can also watch CSPAN starting at 7 Eastern.

You can see sample a sample ballot complete with 21 Democratic candidates here (pdf)
And if you live in NH but don't know where to vote you can find out on the Secretary of State's site.

Update: MSNBC just reported that several precincts are expressing concerns that they won't have enough ballots. The Secretary of State has said they will be sending more ballots to precincts that request them. MSNBC specifically added that these were predominantly Democratic districts.

Update II: 8:10PM NBC has called New Hampshire for John McCain

Update III: Results can be seen as they come in on WMUR

Update IV: MSNBC calls it for Clinton. To Nevada and South Carolina we go.


Anonymous said...

Yes, to NV and SC we go.

GOOOOoooo OBAMA!!!! (and congrats to Senator Obama on receiving the Culinary Union Endorsement of Nevada tomorrow!!)

While one may argue that Edwards was the most ideal candidate to receive it, we have to consider which of the two candidates will be in the race for the entire lonh haul. Congrats Obama!

Larry & Lynn