Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Security officials urge Denver School Board to delay opening

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A decision on whether or not Denver schools will delay opening until after Labor Day is expected by next Thursday. An article in today's Denver Post quotes several DPS and city security officials on the importance of delaying the opening of schools close to the Pepsi Center.

We've followed the story of the proposed delayed opening from the beginning. Call me naive but I was thinking about heavy traffic and security causing the need for the delay. The Post article goes off on a whole new tangent.

"We don't know the threats," he said. "But there is going to be disruption. Any DPS facilty in the area will have disruption."

Any major incident involving the convention would affect the schools, because every city resource would be called in to assist, Ray said. That could leave the schools vulnerable. Plus, parents would likely rush to their children's schools, which would create even more problems, he said.

Schools also would be offered as alternate care sites if there were mass casualities, he said.

WOW! I plan on being in the midst of the convention madness... nobody told me there could be mass casualties! Duct tape and plastic wrap will be issued to anyone entering the downtown area and the alert level will be raised to magenta.
At least they didn't say anything about a mile-wide radius lockdown.