Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama has taken the Superdelegate lead

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Sen. Obama has taken the lead in DCW's superdelegates count for the first time.
According to news media reports, 2 Superdelegates from Virgin Islands, while Sen. Clinton loses 1.

Accorinding to The page

Day’s Tally: Obama 3, Clinton 0*
Obama nabs two Virgin Island supers — Kevin Rodriquez, who switched from Clinton, and Carole Burke.
Also picks up Utah DNC super Kristi Cumming after the state elects her as its add-on
Clinton gets Massachusetts DNC super Arthur Powell

The Associated Press - AP: Obama overtakes lead in superdelegates for first time

Obama: 275
Clinton: 271



Chicago, IL – United States Congressman Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) endorsed Barack Obama for president today.


Congressman Mitchell said, “I’m proud to support Barack Obama for President. Senator Obama and I worked together last year to improve care for our soldiers and veterans in the wake of the scandal at Walter Reed, and I know that, as President, he will work hard for our men and women in uniform. Like the primary voters of my congressional district, which Senator Obama carried, I am inspired by Barack’s vision for America, his ability to unify our country and bring much-needed to change to Washington.”

Obama also got OH add-on superdelegate Dave Regan

Current DCW numbers: Obama 274, Clinton 270.5

Late night update: Attorney General Martha Coakley is Massachusetts's other add-on superdelegate.


PsiFighter37 said...

Not sure if it qualifies, but from the below article, it sure sounds like Ohio add-on Dave Regan is endorsing Obama as well:

Fran Cee said...

Ohio labor leader Dave Regan, who was selected as a superdelegate Saturday, told the AP that Obama is ``the candidate that can unite the country and move beyond the divisiveness and gridlock that we have today.''

Yousri said...

The Associated Press - AP: Obama overtakes lead in superdelegates for first time

Obama: 275
Clinton: 271

Timothy said...

HRC Turn out the lights.

Timothy said...

I suppose I mean turn "off" the lights.

Galois said...

Here's a blog post about the naming of the two add-ons in Ohio. Elsewhere on the blog is noted that Regan is at the least suspected of supporting Obama as he was head of an SEIU local.

Unknown said...

Rumors (and only rumors mind you) is the second MA add on will be for Obama

Unknown said...

What about Dave Reagan of Ohio

JayZed said...

Also worth noting that the latest round of endorsements means that Clinton now needs twice as many additional delegates as Obama to reach 2025.

CaliPhil said...

Hillary now needs over 70% of undeclared delegates

tmess2 said...

Looking at the numbers including Michigan and Florida (since that is the new metric from the Clinton campaign with today's news so far:

Obama would have 1936.5
Clinton would have 1890 (and still lead unpledged delegates by 6.5)
Edwards would have 32
Uncommitted from Michigan would have 55 (and does anyone have any confirmation on the breakdown of district delegates from Michigan as to "Clinton uncommitted" vs. "Obama uncommitted" vs. "really uncommitted")

217 pledged delegates yet to go
285.5 undeclared unpledged delegates

Adding the Edwards to the Michigan uncommitted to the still to be picked delegates and the undeclared unpledged, you would have 589.5 delegates that have not yet been pledged or declared a committment to the two main candidates. Clinton would need 319 or approximately 55% of those delegates.

Given the recent trend with the unpledged delegates, I don't see how she gets that many. Especially since the national leadership of the Edwards campaign seems to be pulling behind Obama.

null said...

yes, Regan should be added:
Also picks up Utah DNC super Kristi Cumming after the state elects her as its add-on, and Ohio add-on labor leader Dave Regan

rgzuber said...

According to this post:

MA DNC member and Obama supporter Marty Xifaris was ousted and replaced by a Clinton supporter. Is this the same person as the "Margaret Xifaris" listed on this site as an Obama supporter from MA? If so, that would mean -1 for Obama and +1 for Clinton.

Matt said...

Semblance - All terms of DNC members start and end at the DNC meeting the day after the convention.

This applies only to the DNC Committeemen/women. And while most State Chairs and Vice-Chairs operate the same way, some, like Hawaii, dont. But Xifaris remains a superdelegate.

Unknown said...

FWIW, this AP stories lists two Clinton SDs (Ronald Malone, and Patricia Moss) that are still listed as Uncommitted at DCW.

I can understand if you don't want to add them as this is the only source I could find for both, but just in case...

Galois said...

OK, what's with the secret MA add-on? Why don't they issue a press release?

Unknown said...

Hi Clinton supporters ...

WE have slept enough while Obama has taken the lead.

PLease lobby around superdelegates to switch from Obama to CLinton.

tmess2 said...

I don't think it's a question of Clinton supporters sleeping as the campaign has been quite good about contacting superdelegates. The problem is that none of the arguments that Clinton has been using are sufficiently convincing. A claim that my supporters are more likely to walk after the convention really is not a good justification for the unpledged delegates to support Clinton because it says that marginal members should have a veto over core members of the party.