Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trailer for Sale or Rent

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While Roger Miller was able to find a room for 50 cents, it will cost a little more to find private housing during the 2008 Democratic Convention. Check out this ad from Craigslist: $15,000 gets you a week at a a 5 bedroom home with plasma TV and optional basset hound. (Hat tip to Colorado Confidential).


burrito eater said...

The trick is to have a friend who lives in denver who's leaving the country. Then you take their house. Solved.

DenverDan said...

For 15,000 dollars you could put a down payment on a condo or home and then sell it after the event! Not like Cherry Hills Village is all that great of a location either. Maybe if it was 7th Avenue or a Capitol Hill mansion, it could be fun, but I doubt he'll get any offers. If i was paying 15k I better well damn be able to do any substance abuse I wanted. But really, you could find a nice place for less than a thousand and give the rest of the money to charity. If you didn't, why would you be going to the Dem Convention?