Thursday, July 26, 2007

DNCC opens convention office

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Less than 400 days until the 2008 convention opens, and the DNCC has now opened their Denver office:

A skeleton crew of the key staff who will run the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver next year has officially moved into its new office space here, its chief executive announced today.
Democratic National Convention Committee's CEO, Leah Daughtry, said the current paid staff of 10 has occupied some space on the 11th floor of Civic Center Plaza — the old Denver Post building — but will shift floors and employ up to 200 next year, bolstered by scores of volunteers, when the committee is expected occupy up to 70,000 square feet of the building. Daughtry, based in Washington, D.C., and currently the party's chief of staff, said she planned to move to Denver later this year.
More from the AP:
Daughtry said the convention committee is still talking with local labor leaders, who have objected that Denver does not have enough union workers to pull off the convention and isn't sufficiently supportive of organized labor.

Daughtry said party officials are working on security issues but predicted that disruptions would be minimal for Denver residents because the Pepsi Center, the main venue, is downtown and close to hotels and restaurants. “For Denver residents, it will be business as usual,” she said.

The office is currently situated in a suite on the eleventh floor of the Civic Center Plaza at 1650 Broadway, overlooking Civic Center Park. Daughtry said the full-time paid staff with soon begin swelling to an eventual 150-to-200 people, supplemented by numerous volunteers. The office in which Thursday’s press briefing was held will eventually be abandoned for two entire lower floors in the same office high-rise.