Monday, September 03, 2007

How many journalists will cover the convention

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Interesting column in the Rocky Mountain News this weekend on how many media people will actually attend and cover the 2008 Democratic Convention:

The estimate of 15,000 journalists includes media support personnel, and it's the same figure the big political conventions have used for planning purposes since the 1992 or 1996 events, according to Wally Podrazik, director of media operations for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

But as you've noticed, major news media aren't spending as much money these days, so it's reasonable to assume that fewer mainstream journalists will come to Denver than came to previous conventions.

Fact is, most of the cutbacks have already occurred at previous conventions. When the networks were providing major coverage, they used to send 700-800 people each to the convention. But since they've cut back their coverage, they've already cut their numbers considerably, so 2008 shouldn't be much different than 2004. And trust me that the increase in bloggers covering the convention hasn't made up for it.

And if Wally Podrazik says they're planning for 15,000, they're likely to get near 15000. Podrazik has been doing media planning for conventions since 1980, and he works very closely with the umbrella press organizations that help to organize convention credentialing. I would trust his 8 conventions worth of experience over a local Denver columnist.


Anonymous said...

the other thing you have to take into account is the number of bloggers that are credentialed to cover the convention as "media". that should offset any decline in mainstream media covering the event.

Matt said...

There's no way an increase in the number of bloggers will cover the decrease in old media. Sure, the local bloggers will be out in force, but how many out-of-town political bloggers will feel it worth it to spend the money to go to Denver? It's hard to see it getting close to 100.

Anonymous said...

there were 123 bloggers who received credentials in boston for the 2004 convention...i only assume that that number would go up...