Thursday, January 01, 2009

Department of the Interior Confirmation List

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The following table lists all positions in the Department of the Interior that require Senate Confirmation. You can see the rest of the confirmation lists here.

Information has been gathered from the Plum Book as well as several other government sites. The positions addressed in this list are marked as PAS in the Plum Book.

The latest updates can always be found on our Presidential Appointment Updates post.

Position NomineeCommitteeHearing StatusVote Status
Deputy Secretary of the Interior TBA TBD TBD
Special Trustee for American Indians TBA TBD TBD
Chairman, National Gaming Commission TBA TBD TBD
Solicitor TBA TBD TBD
Inspector General TBA TBD TBD
Asst Secretary for Fish & Wildlife & Parks TBA TBD TBD
Director, National Park Service TBA TBD TBD
Director, US Fish & Wildlife Service TBA TBD TBD
Asst Secretary for Water & Science TBA TBD TBD
Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation TBA TBD TBD
Director, Geological Survey TBA TBD TBD
Asst Secretary, Land & Minerals Management TBA TBD TBD
Director, Bureau of Land Management TBA TBD TBD
Director, Office of Surface Mining TBA TBD TBD
Asst Secretary of Indian Affairs TBA TBD TBD
Last updated: 11/20/08