Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From a superbowl to a convention?

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Can hosting the Superbowl give Detroit a leg up on its bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention? Susan Sherer, executive director of the Super Bowl XL Host Committee, who wrote the winning superbowl bid when she was at the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, thinks so:

For her part, Sherer thinks the legacy of the Super Bowl -- and the various corporate and government actors it brought together -- will pay off in other events in the future.

"When we get ready to do a Final Four," she says, referring to the NCAA basketball tournament, "we'll be much better equipped. If we decide to have an Olympics bid, we'll be much better equipped.

"And if we decide to go after the 2008 Democratic convention," she says, "we'll be much better equipped."

This is the first news we've seen on a potential Detroit bid. I still believe Detroit will be a major contender for the convention if they decide to bid.