Friday, April 21, 2006

Only Denver and Minneapolis making noise at the Spring DNC meeting

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From Dan Slater's DemNotes:

This evening was about the Western Caucus. One of Colorado’s DNC Members, J.W. Postal, who is the Vice-Chair of the DNC’s Western Caucus, did a great job promoting Denver’s 2008 Convention bid to Westerners. At least half of the room was wearing Denver 2008 buttons — probably close to 2/3 of the room. We continue to be highly visible here in terms of promoting Denver for the 2008 convention. Only one other city is doing much in New Orleans to promote itself — Minneapolis. Both Denver and Minneapolis have booths in the registration area, and Minneapolis is hosting a breakfast for delegates on Saturday. Denver is hosting a party tomorrow (Friday) night, and the buzz has already started about how great our promotional effort has been (California’s Christine Pelosi — yes, she has a kinda’-famous mom — mentioned to me tonight that she still uses the Denver pen that we handed out in Phoenix in December). Orlando’s folks had originally scheduled a reception for this evening, but backed out of that at the last minute.
It wasn't clear if Pelosi was wearing a Denver button, but it's interesting in light of Anaheim also bidding to host the convention. I would be interested in knowing if any of the Nevada or California attendees were wearing Denver buttons - that wouldn't be a good sign for the bids from Anaheim or Las Vegas.

Update: A source tells me that the Aleita Huguenin, chair of the DNC Western Caucus, from San Francisco, was wearing a Denver button while she was chairing the meeting. That doesn't bode well for an Anaheim bid.