Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not enough room for Senate Democrats

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The expanded majority of 59 Democrats in the Senate does not come problem-free for Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Reid said — with a wink — that his Democrats are actually complaining about… floor space.

"Do you know the complaints I've gained from Democrats now? They're all jammed in there. They don't have any room — the seats are too close together," Reid told The Hill in an interview. "We jammed in, over the last two years, 14 new desks on our side. They just don't know what to do about being so close together." - The Hill

They've got a little extra room now, until Senator-elect Franken and possibly Senator-desgnee Burris get seated.

But according to Politico:

Our conversations with Democratic Senators make it clear he is likely to be seated soon.

Update: Ambinder agrees:

It's pretty clear that Roland Burris, having been appointed by a duly elected governor and having the good sense to play nicely with Harry Reid and Dick Durbin, will probably be allowed to take his place in the Senate, pending further negotiations. Law trumps politics, for once.