Friday, November 11, 2005

2008 site selection summary

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The DNC sent out invitations to 35 cities to bid for the 2008 convention in late November '05. A news article in Feb '06 indicates that 11 cities have accepted the invitation to bid for the convention:

Anaheim: Held an event at the 2004 convention to kick-off their 2008 bid. With California not being competitive, and with the Dems in LA in 2000, I doubt this will happen.


Denver: First city to announce a Host Committee. Given the strategic Western location of Colorado, and the drumbeat of publicity, they must be considered a front-runner at this point.

Detroit: They'll be a contender if they make a bid, but the news from Detroit seems a bit wishy-washy.

Las Vegas: Sin City? I don't think so.


New Orleans: Lots of talk for the obvious reasons. Is this a plus or a minus? The DNC is is having their spring '06 meeting here.

New York: After the '04 GOP convention, you would think new York would want a break. But the last 2 Democratic presidents, Carter and Clinton, both has their first convention in New York.

Too hot, and it's hurricane season.

Phoenix: Too hot.

San Antonio: