Thursday, November 10, 2005

Denver update

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Denver seems to be the city with the most buzz (outside of New Orleans) about hosting the convention. The state party has already met with the mayor to discuss putting a bid together. From the 10/13 Rocky Mountain News:

Dan Slater, first vice president of the state Democratic Party, and Denver City Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth are leading the charge this time around.

The two are scheduled to meet today[10/13] with Mayor John Hickenlooper to get his approval to form a team that would put together a bid for 2008.

"It's my belief that the West is very fertile territory for Democrats in coming years and that the Democratic Party nationally needs to pay more attention to the needs of Democrats out West," Slater said Thursday.
DavidNYC at SSP commented:

One way to capitalize on [a "Western primary"] would be to have our convention out west. Fortunately, some folks out in Colorado are trying to make this happen.

Denver came very close to hosting the convention in 2000 - hopefully it can be our site in 2008. If nothing else, I have to imagine the summer weather in Denver's mountain air is about a million times more pleasant than the sultry heat you'll find in the northeast.

And Hotline On Call said:

On the Dem side, "A limited number of American cities have the capacity and infastructure" to host, but only Denver has expressed serious interest so far, according to a source.