Friday, December 02, 2005

Denver pushes bid at fall DNC meeting (update)

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The DNC is meeting in Phoenix this week, and Denver continues to remain the most active city. Dan Slater at Dem Notes reported on Friday:

We are also continuing to promote the concept of Denver as the 2008 convention site. So far, responses have been quite positive to the possibility.
Today he follows up. See his site for the unofficial logo he created.

The DNC held its full meeting this morning here in Phoenix. As folks left the meeting, they were greeted by the Colorado delegation handing out pens and mints, with labels on the pens with the above image. (Note, please, that this was something I whipped up in about half an hour, and is likely nothing at all like what the “official” logo will look like if/when we submit a bid.)

The response to Denver ranged from “Wow!” to “Yeah, I guess I can live with Denver.” However, the responses were universally positive, and the buzz we are creating here in Phoenix for the convention bid is palpable. And people are using their pens; I was in a technology session for state party chairs, vice chairs and staff this afternoon, and nearly half the room was taking notes with their new Denver pens.

He also notes the poll I created on Daily Kos, with Denver winning with 42%, for whatever that's worth right now. The point is, Denver is talking it up with the DNC members, which is what needs to be done at this point.


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