Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thoughts on a Texas convention

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Burnt Orange Report has an interesting thread discussing the pros and cons of a Texas city hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention, as well as comments on other potential cities. Some of the comments on Texas cities:

Having a Democratic Convention in Dallas would probably indirectly help out the local parties, but I don't think Dallas is on shortlist for the Convention. Houston might have a reasonable chance of getting the convention. I don't see San Antonio getting the convention at all.


2008 in Houston? It'd obviously be at the Toyota Center, but they could spin off some ancillary events at the Convention Center that's within walking distance. Also, the conditions which led to our withdrawal from consideration in 2004 don't seem as applicable for 2008 and the sting of missing out on the Olympics might lead to a sizable push by Team White to show off the finished work on some of the changes we've built around town. At worst, I don't see how we can be lower than SLC on the pecking order.

My hunch is that all the Texas locations would be a longshot, though. I've got to think Houston at least puts in a proposal.


I don't think the DNC convention should be in Texas. That's like the RNC hosting their convention in San Francisco. Just plain doesn't make sense.


Where better than to demonstrate how the Republicans have screwed everyone over, starting with Texans? Houston's Party (Democrat & in the literal sense) infrastructure can handle the task.


Hillary will never allow the convention to come to such a red state either.


Seriously, to this native Texian, ex-New Orleanian and present beachside Californian the suggestion of the 2008 DNC in the "heart of darkness" may not be as crazy as it first sounds--for me, more than just an excuse to come back to see the folks, hassle Republicans (like shooting fish in a barrel lately) and munch on bar-b-que and creole cuisine (still my favorite). After all, Houston has a very popular Democratic mayor and Dallas has a no-nonsense Democratic lesbian Sheriff. Dallas County (and I believe Harris also) is trending Democratic. And the Republicans will love it or, as Harry Truman said: "we will make them love it!"

I agree that a Texas convention is probably a long shot. But if Houston decided to make a serious bid, they would have to be considered a contender. There's a lot of good will towards Houston over the way they welcomed Katrina evacuees, and maybe it might carry over into the bid process.


TxDem said...

Don't forget that Houston has a Democratic mayor who is well-liked and used to be the Chair of the state party.

UDEM said...

New Orleans! The convention should be held in New Orleans as a way to highlight the utter incompetence in which the Bush administration responded to Hurrican Katrina. There is no better option in my opinion. The Dems could make a point of how long reconstruction took to get underway in the Bayou while we were pumping billions of dollars into Iraq. It is basically the same strategy as the Repubs had in 2004, take it to NY where the greatest disaster occurred, (and where they stated the Dems couldn't protect) it needs to be brought to the attention in the same way that the Repubs couldn't help New Orleans.

Matt said...

Txdem, good point. I think Houston could be a major contender if they want to be.

Anonymous said...

Go New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...