Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Denver sending the team to New Orleans

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Denver is sending over two dozen folks to the DNC spring meeting in New Orleans to make the pitch for Denver to host the 2008 Democratic Convention:

Mayor John Hickenlooper is scheduled to accompany former Mayor
Wellington Webb, Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth, state party chair Pat Waak and
others at the national gathering.

"Basically, it is kind of our opportunity to actually meet with (Democratic National Committee) members before the bid is due," said Wedgeworth, who co-chairs a committee trying to bring the convention to Denver.

Denver won't be the only city sending people, but, as always, they're the only city making news and getting press about their bid.


Anonymous said...

Go Denver! I think the perfect song to play at the 2008 DNC, to mark the convention and the party moving West, would be John Denver's original 1972 recording of the folk-rock classic (and Colorado un-official anthem) "Rocky Mountain High"! Come on everybody, DNC belongs in Denver for 2008! The Centennial State is bringing home it's Democratic Centennial!

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer "Viva Las Vegas."

Anonymous said...

Never Vegas... never!

On a different note, how common is this sort of thing? How common are the receptions and sending teams of people, calling DNC members, etc? Or is this showing the party believing that they have a voice again?

Matt said...

I think these receptions and other things are sort of common. Things have gotten better, in that in 2004 the selection committee had 40 people, so 40 people to wine and dine. This year, I think it's more symbolic, just creating good-will for a city.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea to use the 1972 recording of "Rocky Mountain High" at the convention. The song is a true testament to Colorado, and John Denver (the auther and performer) was a solid Democrat! Denver 2008!!

Anonymous said...

John Denver rocks! And so does his homestate of Colorado! Yeehaw, go Denver! Go Democrats!