Thursday, April 06, 2006

GOP convention right after Dem convention

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The Republicans have just announced that they will hold their 2008 convention from September 1, Labor Day, to September 4, just four days after the Democrats finish their convention. This keeps the tradition of the party in the White House of having their convention second.

I thought they would start a week later, on 9/8, and finish on 9/11/08. But that didn't leave much time before the debates started in October, and maybe they were concerned about the acceptance speech being overshadowed by 9/11.

So going a week earlier gives them another week of September campaigning, and avoids 9/11. In addition:

The timing of the GOP event could undercut any bounce that a Democratic nominee might get from the party gathering and would give the Republicans the last word politically.
But as I wrote:
Starting the convention on Labor Day would not be best in terms of media coverage. Do you think the delegates and VIPs want to give up their Labor Day weekend? The media would be grumpy about it also, especially with the Democrats just finishing a few days earlier.
Don't expect any significant speakers for the Republicans on the first night of the convention, and lets hope the Media is in a real grumpy mode. And so much for the rumors of the Republicans threatening to hold their convention at the same time as the Democrats. Dean made a great move in picking and announcing the convention dates last November.


DavidNYC said...

maybe they were concerned about the acceptance speech being overshadowed by 9/11.

Last time the GOP couldn't wait to brazenly embrace 9/11 during their convention. It was pretty stomach-turning.

That said, Dean really did do a masterful job of boxing the GOP in, what with the Olympics on the other side of the Dem convention. And you're right - GOPers will be mighty pissed about giving up a primo vacation weekend.

Matt said...

Agreed on 9/11, but it's one thing to hold the convention in NY 1 week before. Now they would actually giving the speech on 9/11. And given the way the GWoT is going, I bet they didn't want to risk the connection.

As for the vacation weekend, I'm hoping the press is even more pissed.

I also realized another reason they didn't go the week of 9/8. Can you say opening weekend of the NFL Monday Night Football?