Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rocky Mountain News compares the 3 cities

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The Rocky Mountain News has a brief comparison of the 3 cities that are vying to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

The Mile High City is banking on the growing awareness of the Mountain West's election-swinging clout. Twin Cities boosters say the anointed 2008 running mates would have the perfect location to launch the campaign in Minneapolis-St. Paul, pushing off on a riverboat down the Mississippi River to "campaign through the heartland of America." And New Yorkers say that the time-tested Big Apple has hosted more political conventions than any of the competitors and is confident it can handle both party conventions in '08.
A couple of highlights from the comparison graphic:
Hotel Rooms: Denver: 38,000; St. Paul/Mnpls: 35,000; New York: 71,000

Climate downsides:
  • Denver: The thin air can trigger altitude sickness
  • St. Paul: Pack the bug spray. The mosquito is the state bird.
  • New York: Brutally hot, humid and smelly
As a former New Yorker, I will only add that New York is not always hot and humid in August...


Anonymous said...

As a born and raised Minnesotan, I just wanted to say that mosquitos aren't really a major problem in the urban areas of MN... it's just a common misconception that we have an unusual amount of them here.

DenverDan said...

it's just some journalist thinking he's being cute

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As a born and raised Coloradan, I would like to inform everybody that Denver rocks. 300 days a' sunshine per year, snow in the winter, falling leaves in autumn, warm sunshine in the summer, and blooming flowers in spring. I don't know much about Minnesota, although it seams like a nice state. New York is fine to, but folks, your never gonna be able to beat a Denver season. I'm rootin' for Denver. Dan- Happen to see the latest polls? Ritter's leadin' Mr. Coulter (a.k.a. Beauprez) by nine points. Rocky Mountain High!

PS: Matt, this blog rocks.

Anonymous said...

Sure Denver's seasons might be nice. That's great and everything but it still can't beat the feeling of "Minnesota nice!"

Anonymous said...

I disagree. MN may be nice, but Denver rocks. Go Denver 2008.