Thursday, August 17, 2006

Convention receptions at DNC meeting in Chicago

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The DNC is holding their summer meeting in Chicago this weekend, and each of the cities are hosting receptions:

New York: This evening (Thursday)
Minneapolis/St. Paul: Tomorrow evening
Denver: Saturday morning

Details for the New York party:

[Republican] Mayor Bloomberg and the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn ... will speak at a cocktail reception in Chicago's Millennium Park and will be joined by Soprano's star Lorraine Bracco.

The host committee is chartering a double-decker bus to bring the delegates — who are in the Windy City for an annual summer meeting — to the reception. The bar will serve Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, and "Big Apple" Martinis.

NY spokesman Stu Loeser says: "The mayor is the city's No. 1 salesman, so it's well worth his time to go out there."

Oh yeah, the DNC is also going to be discussing something about primary schedules, but readers of this blog know that the convention receptions are where the action is...