Thursday, October 12, 2006

47 reps support Denver

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47 members of Congress have sent a letter to Chairman Dean urging him to pick Denver to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

Denver should host the 2008 Democratic convention, according to a letter sent Thursday by Rep. Diana DeGette to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and signed by 47 members of Congress.

Citing the party’s growing influence in the West, the Denver Democrat said it is critical for the Democrats to make a statement about the importance of the region in choosing its convention site.

“Although once solidly a red portion of the country, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West are rapidly trending blue,” wrote DeGette. “In recent decades, the Western United States have seen rapid growth in cities such as Las Vegas. If a Democrat is going to win the 2008 Presidential election, they will have to win a significant portion of the West. “
The 47 Democratic members of the House of Representatives who signed the letter represented 24 states from every region of the country, and included Reps. Mark Udall and John Salazar from Colorado.

Four senators and 47 congressmen. Good PR, but probably not worth much.


Anonymous said...

"Good PR, but probably not worth much." You have to be kidding me, Matt. This will help Denver's bid greatly in my opinion.

Go Denver!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The tide is with Denver!!!! After Bill Ritter wins the Governor's Race, the dems keep the state house and the state senate, we pick up the 7th and 5th Congressional Districts. Denver is and always has been the best place to have the 2008 Convention and now people we elect to represent us across the country also agree.

Anonymous said...

Make that THREE of us!

Rock on Denver!!!

Bull-hockey on it not meaning much Matt!

Someone get outta bed on the wrong side today?

Go Denver Go!


Anonymous said...

C'mon, Matt! I have to say, I'm a little surprised at you. I mean, 47 federal representatives, etc., is a big number. I scoped out some Colorado political blogs and only saw more of what's been stated here - the tide is not only with Denver but with the entire state and region.

It would be sacrilege for me not to support the Mile High City all the way.

Libby- I hope you like John Denver.

Anonymous said...


You should add to your links list and remove Minn.'s.

Go Denver!