Sunday, October 15, 2006

Denver on a roll

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The week after Labor Day was "disastrous" for Denver, but since then, with the bid being better received, St. Paul being picked by the GOP, Denver getting a union hotel, and now New York's money problems, Denver's prospects are looking much better:

For several weeks now, Denver officials hoping to win the 2008 Democratic National Convention have admired how "things are falling into place." And reports Saturday that rival city New York and its billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg were having trouble raising money created an air of wonderment.

"It's kind of humorous to even think that New York would have trouble raising money," said Debbie Willhite, the executive director of Denver's host committee. "I do think there is some kind of destiny going on here," she said.
"Just weeks ago the bloggers were saying we were out of this," Willhite said. "But one by one, we're kind of looking like giant killers here." Willhite said she had "no doubt" Denver will raise the money necessary to host the convention. She said commitments continue to come in.

"Right now, everybody is distracted with the political races, so some events that we would have liked to have held already we postponed until after the election," she said. "But gosh, in light of the news out of New York, I'd say we are doing great."

Denver does seem to be doing well, but I would bet we get thrown a few more curves before a final decision is made.


Anonymous said...

Good response to the not-so-well-received "47" piece. I noticed you also added the Denver 2008 site, which is very resourceful I might add.

In my opinion, it looks like Matt hit this one right on the mark - Denver's on a roll... to victory. With New York having money problems, Colorado blue buzz getting bigger than ever, old foes now jumping on the Mile High bandwagon, and endorsements adding up like dirt on a farm, it's looking better and better for Denver.

And to tell you the truth, I'm glad. Go Denver!!!

Anonymous said...

When do you guess-ta-mate Howard Dean will announce our convention city anyway?

Thanks, Libby

Matt said...

It certainly won't be before the mid-terms, and if the Democrats win at least one house. I imagine Dean will not want to step on the victory party which could last all the way to Thanksgiving. So I would guess early December, and if not then, January.

Anonymous said...

matt -

have you heard anything about denver's ability to raise $$$? i thought i remember hearing that denver was looking to neighboring states to help with the fundraising. if money is a problem for nyc, i cant believe its not a problem for denver as well...

Matt said...

All I know is what Willhite said when she was quoted above:

Willhite said she had "no doubt" Denver will raise the money necessary to host the convention.

The reason it might be a problem for New York are the other causes Bloomberg is also raising money for. Denver can focus on raising money for just one thing.