Friday, August 03, 2007

Tonight Show's Mo Rocca previews convention prep

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This is just fantastic. Mo Rocca, who covered both conventions for the Tonight Show in 2004, filed a piece on Denver's preparations for the 2008 National Convention. Rocca and Mayor Hickenlooper cutting paper to make confetti, Rocca and DNCC head Leah Daughtry blowing up balloons, and lot's more. Two video's below. The first, shorter, but with the highlights, and good quality. The second is the whole piece, including before and after with Leno, but the quality is not as good, and there's laughter of the camera holder in the background.

I love at the end of the long video, when Leno says "look forward to your piece tomorrow on Minneapolis", and Rocca corrects him, "No, St, Paul". As the St. Paul Pioneer-Press wrote in July, 2006:

"This is Katie Couric, reporting from Minneapol- … from Minnesot- … from St. Paul.