Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Live from St. Paul...

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Back in December, when the list of the 33 cities invited to bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention was first released, I wrote:

The list is basically the same as the 35 cities on the 2004 invitee list, with the following differences:
In 2004, Minneapolis and St. Paul were both on the list (which made no sense), but only Minneapolis is on the 2008 list.
"Only Minneapolis is on the 2008 list."

Well, as the St. Paul Pioneer-Press notes, times have changed:
If the Democratic National Convention comes to these Twin Cities in 2008, the network anchors will have a terrible time figuring out exactly where they are. And that could be a very good thing for St. Paul.

The convention headquarters would be in Minneapolis. Many events and organizations would be based at the Minneapolis Convention Center and at downtown Minneapolis hotels. But the actual Democratic National Convention — the main evening event, where the party nominates candidates for president and vice president and politicians orate as if microphones haven't
been invented — would be at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

"This is Katie Couric, reporting from Minneapol- … from Minnesot- … from St. Paul."

Visiting scribes and pundits invariably tell the world they are in Minneapolis even if they are in Oakdale or White Bear Lake or St. Paul. But this time, they may have to learn St. Paul's name.
New York City, which is never referred to as Newark, and Denver, rarely confused with Colorado Springs, are also in the running.
Jack Larson, vice president and general manager of Xcel Energy Center, said the Democratic inspection team appeared to be impressed that Xcel's arena space is linked to the RiverCentre convention space and to Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Both could be used for media facilities and the many sideshows to the main event. "It's almost exactly what they need,'' Larson said. "Each area we took them to, their eyes lit up a little more.''
Network anchors and reporters, please take geographic note: "Welcome to the
Democratic National Convention, from St. Paul, Minnesota.''

Sounds good to us.

We'll start to take more comprehensive looks at each cities' facitilies soon.