Thursday, May 04, 2006

And then there were 7? Yes - Anaheim is out

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I find it amusing that sometimes the most interesting and important information (from my viewpoint) is buried at the bottom of a news article that focuses on something else. For example, the Orange County Register was the first news organization in the country to break the list of the original 11 cities who expressed interest in hosting the 2008 Democratic Convention, and they had the information at the bottom of an article on the GOP convention.

Well, buried in the middle, and then clearly listed at the end, of today's Denver Post article on Denver's union issues, is a new list of the cities bidding for the convention, and there are only 7: Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans and New York. In addition to the officially departed Orlando and San Antonio, Phoenix and Anaheim are not on this list. This is the first published report by a newspaper that Phoenix and Anaheim are out, but I would still like to see some confirmation from the city or the DNC.

Update: Two different sources, both persons with knowledge about the convention selection process, have stated that Anaheim has dropped out of the bidding for the convention. While there's nothing official from Anaheim or the DNC, as far as I'm concerned, Anaheim is out.


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Will said...

Darn, I was hoping for a shorter commute to the convention site this time. The Pond looked great on the West Wing.