Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Democratic Convention Quotes:

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Here are some recent quotes on various cities bidding for the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

  • Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, on Denver's chances: “I was more skeptical in the beginning. I think our chances now are 50-50, and maybe even a little better.”

  • Denver Host Comittee Co-Chair Steve Farber: “I think it's not only Denver's turn, I think that the Democrats are focusing and should focus to the west if they want to win the presidential election. They have to start picking up some western states.”

  • Political Analyst Eric Sondermann: “They're looking at which city has its act together in terms of hotel rooms and convention facilities. Bottom line they're looking at which city's going to provide the best photo op. The same logic that took the Republicans to New York City post Sept. 11 could take the Democrats to New Orleans, post hurricane Katrina."

  • Katherine Archuleta, chief operating officer for Denver: "I'd say we're the front-runner for the convention. The city is prettier than New York, it's more fun than Minneapolis, and the weather's better than in New Orleans."

  • St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman: "We will get one of these conventions, I am sure."

  • Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak: "We are planning to spend a significant amount of time showing … not only that the venues work, but that this community can lay out the red carpet or the blue carpet, whichever party it applies to."


Anonymous said...

I think that Denver is by far the most logical pic to host the convention.
One- 100 year (Centennial) anniversery. Coloradois the Centennial State.

Two- Best weather in America.

Three- Coolest Democrats (Hickenlooper helps the homeless, Salazar helps the environment, John Denver, Bill Ritter).

Four- Most fun (Six Flags, skiing, hiking, swimming, nightlife).

Five-The best food: Denver Omlet, World Famous Colorado Steaks, Cherrys in the Snow, Brown Palace Tea & Scones (a favorite of Elvis and Tony Blair at the G8 in Denver, 1997).

Six- By far the best airport: DIA (Denver International) is the largest airport in the world.

Seven- It's John Kerry's hometown.

Eight- Howard Dean loves Denver, and Colorado in general (look at campaign press releases).

Nine- Denver has the coolest arenas and stadiums of any city, being it's the U.S.'s biggest sports town.

Ten- Denver has the best downtown of anywhere.

Eleven- It's the only state capital running.

And finally, Denver is the worlds most beuatiful city... Also: "Rocky Mountain High" is obviously the most popular song on this blog for the convention, and it's Colorado's State Anthem. Who's to argue with fate. See y'all in Denver!

"He was born in the summer of his twenty seventh year..." (Opening lyrics to the 2008 Convention song...)

Anonymous said...

On Las Vegas' decision not to bid:

Anonymous said...

And don't forget, Howard Dean absolutely LOVES the NHL Colorado Avalanche!

Not that they'll be playing yet (since the puck isn't dropped until October) .. but what a thrill for a hockey fanatic like Howie to possibly have the convention in the Avalanche's home building!