Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Final two cities to be announced this week?

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I noted last month that the DNC had indicated to the bid committees that it would announce in September the final two candidate cities to host the 2008 Democratic National Comvention. I haven't seen any confirmation since then, and September is slipping away, so we'll have to see if this announcement really happens. Two sets of conventional wisdom on which two cities will make the cut: In August, I was fairly confident that the two cities would be Denver and St. Paul/Minneapolis, given that New York didn't seem like a choice Dean would make. However, in September, I noted the Hotline reports that the front-runners were St. Paul/Minneapolis and New York due to problems with Denver's bid. Which means, I think, that at least St. Paul/Minneapolis should make it through to the final two.


Anonymous said...

I'm going for Denver all the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for MN!

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Public Radio has just reported that the GOP has chosen the Twin Cities for their 2008 convention. What does this do to the Democrats' decision?


Matt said...

Maybe if they have both in Minneapolis, it will show how much more of a blue state MN is on a comparative level and take away from the republicans.