Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just one word

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It's only one word, but that use of "disastrous" to describe Denver's presentation for their bid to host the 2008 Democratc National Convention has drawn attention. Kos writes:

Get the frackin' convention out of the coasts. I know many Democrats forget that there's a whole lot of country in between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, but that's no reason for the site selection committee to make that same mistake.

Big money New York Democrats, especially, are some of the worst. They back people like Lieberman and Bloomberg and think the universe revolves around NYC.

The networks will scale back coverage of the convention whether it's in Minneapolis, Denver, or NYC. The parties have killed conventions by scripting them to death. There is no drama, no compelling storylines. So the networks take a pass. I can't blame them.

So go somewhere where the local coverage will actually, you know, help. Colorado is a purple state moving our direction. Minneapolis is a blue state threatening to go purple. We get nothing out of having it in indigo-Blue New York.

And Dan Haley of the Denver Post notes:
Denver’s host committee has pulled out all stops in hopes of luring the convention here, and the West — with its many moderate Democratic governors and Colorado’s decidedly purple tones — would seem to make the perfect backdrop for the party’s presidential nominating convention. I’d be surprised if their bid was “disastrous.” But who knows? It would be quite a shame if the unions upended Denver’s bid. Some Democrats have said they won’t stay in a non-union hotel. See that story here. That’s fine, but it sure doesn’t give the appearance of the new, more moderate party that Dem leaders want to project. Instead, it looks like they’re willing to be held hostage by labor unions.
Everyone is wondering what the problem with Denver's presentation/bid, but the labor union issues would not cause the presentation to be descibed that way. It has to be something logisitical or financial, not political.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Matt, but Denver rocks. There's no way I think we could go anywhere else but Colorado in 2008. If we go to MN or NY, we're saying we're the SAME OLD PARTY that keeps losing over and over and over and over and over again. It's time to make a statement to the old-fashioned Democatic Party that only goes where they feel "politically safe". The fact is, we've got to get into shape to WIN not LOSE. Denver is what it's gonna take to make that kind of transformation. Let's go where we'll have a chance to win the votes of not just Dems but also ALL THE OTHER VOTERS!!!

C'mon, Matt. You know it's true. Quit publishing these "Just one word"-style posts about how disasterous one guy thinks things are going. Be fair. It's not just his party.

I predict that whenever Kos posts a new poll, Denver will top the list in a landslide. The people of the Democratic Party want their country back,
and therefor want Denver.

Let's win some elections. GO DENVER!!!

Matt said...

I've written lots of positive and negative posts about all the bid cities - this has just been a run of bad news for Denver. And as for the Kos polls, while I've had lots of fun with them, they are really meaningless as far as the convention choice goes - I highly doubt anyone at the DNC, especially Dean, cares, or is even aware of them.