Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Could a Bloomberg presidential run be undermining New York's bid?

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I've been wondering what's behind Bloomberg's continued concerns about New York's ability to raise money for a bid for the 2008 Democratic Convention:

"How do you, in this day and age, go and pay for these conventions when a lot of
people would like to give their money to specific candidate races or candidates
rather than to the convention itself?" Mr. Bloomberg said yesterday during an
appearance in Queens.
The article does go on to say that with New York candidates such as Clinton, Giuliani, and even Pataki, potentially running for president, that would drain a lot of the "New York money". But I wonder if another problem is an independent Bloomberg run for president. If he decides to run, that would be a big conflict of interest for him as his city would be reponsible for hosting the Democratic candidate. Maybe his advisors have asked him, do you really want to put the you and the city in that position?