Saturday, December 09, 2006

Denver confident about bid

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The leaders of Denver's bid to host the 2008 Democratic Convention are confident leading into a potential decision this coming week:

Denver 2008 Host Committee leaders are confident they have persuaded the Democratic National Committee that the city has the right stuff - money, hotel accommodations and union representation - to showcase the presidential nomination bash for 35,000 visitors. "We think that we've got over the obstacles," said Steve Farber, an influential Denver attorney and co-chair of the host committee.

Debbie Willhite, a veteran party strategist hired to head the host committee, agreed. "We're very close to being there," she said, about raising Denver's share of the estimated $80 million convention cost. "We think that it's highly probable that we could be there by the end of this week."

"Time has always been on our side in this process," she said of Denver's drawn out competition with deep-pocketed New York City. "Every day we raise more money, and we put together more of the pieces that go beyond what the scope of the bid was," she said.

DNC officials made a low-key visit to Denver on Wednesday to scrutinize the city's fundraising and in-kind contributions from major corporations, according to a source who requested anonymity, given the sensitivity of the final negotiations.

Next week, the man who will make the ultimate call - DNC Chairman Howard Dean - returns from a European trip. Willhite said she hopes to get decision then. "We're cautiously, optimistically and anxiously waiting," Willhite said."It's been a good courtship, but it's time to see where this relationship is going."

We should hopefullly know soon if Denver's optimism is warranted.


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Hurry back from Europe Dr. Dean and let's make it OFFICIAL!