Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Illinois Superdelegate Williams-Burnett Endorses Obama

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We've seen Darlena Williams-Burnett mentioned several times as backing Obama but none of the sources met our standards. Ms. Williams-Burnett was kind enough to answer some questions for us via email:

Can you tell us who you have endorsed to be the Democratic Nominee?
Yes, I am happy to confirm my support for Senator Obama. I made that commitment to the campaign some time ago.

How and why did you become a member of the DNC?

I became a member of the DNC after running for the position of State Central Committeewoman of the 7th C D. Soon after that a vacancy came about on the Illinois Delegation and I was appointed. I think it is a good fit for me, I have been a member of the Young Democrats of America, and the DLC. I closely follow the candidates, the national and international issues.

Will this be your first Democratic Convention?
This will not be my first convention. I have attended several. I was a Delegate for the Gore nomination, and a Special Guest at the 1996 Convention which was held in Chicago where my husband Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. was the host local Elected Official.

As far as the convention, what kind of behind the scenes

information are you getting? Does the process seem organized to you?
You can go to and access all the information you need to know about the upcoming event and probably somethings you don't care to know. You can even get updates via Press Releases. In my opinion, the activities are very well organized including participation, by DNC staff in various community service projects. The planning is over and they are well into the implementation stages.


Richard said...

Thanks for making this the go to place for superdelegates. This kind of independent work makes this an even more valuable resource. Keep up the good work! Also, by my calculations, after all is said and done Clinton will have netted four pledged delegates yesterday. At the current rate, Obama will have made up for that in superdelegates by tomorrow!