Wednesday, February 13, 2008

South Dakota Superdelegate Endorses Obama

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About a month ago we had a comment posted on our Superdelegate Endorsement List by Nicholas Nemec announcing that he endorsed Barack Obama last August. We searched high and low for a press release or news article to back him up but never found one.

We started our list in early January before superdelegates became the new buzzword. We decided that organizations like CBS, CNN and NBC made it easy for superdelegates to say they endorsed a candidate because their names were never mentioned. When a news article or press release shows a superdelegate's endorsement it's much harder for them to switch to another candidate.

After some debate we decided that we're as much a news organization as any other source we've used.

I spoke to South Dakota superdelegate Nicholas Nemec today and he officially announced that he supports Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Nemec was elected to the South Dakota State Legislature in 1992 and served two 4-year terms. When his second term ended he was elected as a member of the DNC.

Nemec, a resident of Holabird, South Dakota, told me he will be traveling to Denver for the convention along with his family. He plans on staying a few extra days and hopes to go white-water rafting in the mountains. - 2008 Democratic Convention Watch
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Anonymous said...

Way-To-Go OREO!!! I think your site is FAB. One thing I have not figured out yet tho, are your numbers derived from "Green Pages" or do they get theirs from you?


Matt said...

Dennis- They get their superdelegate numbers from us. We get out regular delegate numbers from many sources, including Green Papers.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? The SD votes can change five time before it counts. I take solace in the fact that this is the last year of the superdelegate. Insane system leftover from smoky back room days (ie early 1970s and beyond). I'm sure the Clintons excel in that type of politics. But if the Democrats want to represent free thinking liberals, they'll forgo that route next election.

laurie in maine said...

Are you keeping track of the ones who promise party unity:
"Willing to Switch"

Governor of Maine: "The important thing is that our party stands united at the end of this process," said Baldacci, who has endorsed Clinton but reserves the right to switch his support as a national delegate if and when the time is right."
Bangor Daily News

Anonymous said...

When are the Dems Abroad numbers and delegate allocations public? If I recall correctly, voting finished a few days ago.

Oreo said...

I got an email from Democrats Abroad's vice-chair who said they expect to announce the results on or before February 21st

Anonymous said...

Two more superdelegate endorsements for Obama--one a defecting Clinton superdelegate:

Oreo said...

Thanks Jenn
We added Stan Gruszynski on 2/11 and Samuels earlier today.

We keep notes of any changes at the end of our endorsement list.