Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Charlotte still not interested in hosting convention

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Ten weeks after the deadline to accept an invitation to bid for the 2008 Democratic Convention, Charlotte's mayor has made news:

The city also received an application for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but McCrory, who's a Republican, says the city has no plans to submit a bid for that event, either.
Well, that's good to know, since it cuts down the numbers of cities that are interested in hosting the convention from 11, to, well, 11.
The article does say that Charlotte will not bid for the 2008 Republican Convention due to conflicts with the building of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. You can read more about that at the web site 2008 Republican Convention Watch. Well, you could if the web site existed...


Anonymous said...


Wasn't there something "kinda-sorta" like the Charlotte situation in the city of Atlanta?

Your comments about Charlotte made me think about Atlanta, but I can't remember why.

A deja-vu maybe? LOL.


Matt said...

A quick glance through the archive didn't show anything similar about Atlanta, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss it. Statements like these are just as likely due to media ignorance (reporter asks, hey, what about the Dem convention, the politicial responds "we're not interested", and the reporter writes it up as news), as they are due to politician ignorance. Whatever the reason, it's usually good for a quick post.