Saturday, February 25, 2006

US News convention chatter

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From the US News Washington Whispers, two items about the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

We hear that the party would like it in the West or Southwest.
West or Southwest is: Anaheim, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix or San Antonio. Of these, I think Anaheim (too boring), Las Vegas (too not boring), and Phoenix (too hot) will fall by the wayside. Which would leave Denver vs one of the two Texas cities. You know, I've been calling Denver the frontrunner for over 2 months now, but now two contributors to the Conventional Wisdom, US News as well as The Hotline, are pointing towards Denver also.

Then, US News wrote:
Dean's unusually early announcement has irked the GOP, and there are rumors that the Republicans might try to spoil the Democratic event by choosing the same dates. But Republicans insist that's unlikely.
I hope those rumors are more substantial than my post on Wednesday, where I said:
Could they say they were going the same week as the Democrats? That would be pretty audacious of them, but given that quote that they would make their decision without regard to what the Dems have done, I wonder if they're laying the groundwork. That would be an interesting game of chicken. But given that the Democrats announced their date 3 months ago, I think the GOP would lose.
Ever since Dean announced the late August dates, I've been giving him credit for putting the GOP in a difficult situation. The GOP is irked about their potential convention dates? Tough.