Thursday, December 21, 2006

Does the delay help either side?

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Does the delay in the announcement of the host of the 2008 Democratic Convention help either city? Most reports think the delay works to Denver's advantage:

Denver was granted critical time to settle an 11th hour labor beef that could sink its 2008 Democratic National Convention bid when Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean announced today that he'll delay picking whether Denver or New York City host the event until after New Years.
While some state party officials saw Dean's deadline reprieve on the decision that was expected to be made this week as an early Christmas present for Denver, DNC officials weren't commenting further.
The Democratic National Committee's decision this week to wait until the new year to decide where to hold the party's 2008 national convention is good news for Western Dems who want the convention to be held in Denver. So says Mike Stratton, a Colorado political consultant, lobbyist and political adviser for Gov. Bill Richardson.
but from the New York Daily News:
I may be wrong in seeing the hand of Chuck in delaying the Democrats' convention selection decision until next year, but it is probably good for the New York bid.
While I agree that the delay gives Denver time to resolve its outstanding issues, I think the fact that there had to be a delay at all was not good for Denver. I think it's clear that Dean wants to give the convention to Denver, but that fact that he couldn't do it this week, even though Denver has had all summer and fall to work on these issues, was not a good sign for Denver. Denver's best chance to get the convention may have been this week. Denver may still get the convention, but I think New York's chances increase with every passing day, even if Bloomberg no longer wants it.