Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top Ten reasons to have the convention in Denver

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Colorado Confidential has the Top Ten Reasons why Denver will be picked to host the convention. A few highlights:

9: Rocky Mountain Oysters

5: Denver is a Mile High on hip and attitude.

3: Senator Hillary Clinton (A) and DNC Chair, Howard Dean (B) do not like each other. Hillary wants NYC (C) as the convention site. Dean lived in Aspen (D) for a year. The Denver (E) site is a mulit-Western state political effort (F) and is symbolic of a New Beginning for Democrats (G). NYC is NYC. (H) The West (I) is turning purple with Democratic successes (J). The East (K) is already mostly Democratic. Mathematically, the convention goes to Denver: (A + K) / H = C < (B+D + I) x (F + G) x J = E.