Saturday, December 23, 2006

Novak: New York was selected, leaked, and pulled back

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Now Robert Novak has a history of not always getting things right, but he does have a new and interesting take on last weeks events:

Denver lacks sufficient hotel facilities, a suitable arena and labor union support, not to mention adequate financing. But when New York was leaked as the site, the reaction was so negative that Dean delayed a decision. Party members complained that it would be the fourth out of the last nine Democratic conventions scheduled for New York. Backers of Hillary Clinton don't want her nominated in her place of residence. George H.W. Bush and John Kerry lost elections when nominated in their respective hometowns of Houston and Boston.
First, nowhere else was there any mention that New York was selected, the choice leaked, and a negative reaction received. When you think about it, it makes no sense. Dean knows exactly how everyone feels about the sites, and knows that a large majority of Democrats want the convention in Denver. The scenario Novak paints just doesn't hold together.

But second, and much more interesting, is his thesis that Clinton backers don't want the convention in New York. Publicly, of course, Clinton is backing New York. But I wrote in November, and the Rocky Mountain News followed up earlier this month, that Clinton would be better situated with a Denver convention. And now Novak just makes the statement without caveat that the Clinton team wants Denver? Welcome to the bandwagon, Novak!

And finally, Novak didn't go back far enough on the hometown conventions. Here at 2008 Democratic Convention Watch, I cover these things months before the MSM get to them, and from my post back in March, there have been 4 home-town conventions in the last 60 years, and all 4 candidates lost:

Stevenson: '52, '56 - Chicago
Bush: '92 - Houston
Kerry: '04 - Boston

There were also two conventions at the opponents home site, and both times the candidates won: Eisenhower in 1952 in Chicago, and Kennedy in LA in 1960.


Kari Chisholm said...

Hmmm.... maybe we should put Phoenix back on the list.