Saturday, March 17, 2007

CBS station to show report on convention

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CBS's affiliate in Denver, KCNC, is planning to show a special tonight at 8:00 called: "The Road to Denver: The 2008 Democratic Convention". From the program listing:

The factors that lead to Denver's selection as host city for the 2008 Democratic National Convention are explored. Also: examining the city's preparations for the convention.
If any readers see it, please tell us about in the comments. Assuming, of course, that it doesn't get bumped for NCAA coverage.

Update: Well, it's 8:27 in Denver, and the games are still going on, so the convention special has gotten bumped. I'll keep on eye on the TV listings to see if it gets scheduled again.


Leslie Robinson said...

Anyone without a life on Saturday night in Colorado caught the Chan. 4 program at 7:30pm.

An interesting note on the program was a day after Gov. Bill Ritter (D) was elected, he got a call from Howard Dean and they immediately got on the topic of the convention. From Chan. 4's telling, electing a Democratic governor was paramount in Denver getting the convention.

Another note, Chan. 4 said all the nightly convention parties will be open to the public. My experience from the Boston Convention is quite the opposite.

However, the Denver Host committee is striving to make special issue meetings and other events open, while in Boston, you had to be a delegate to attend these. However, CSPAN did a good job televising some of those special events and I hope they will be back in 2008.

There is still debate whether the major highway through the Metro area, I-25, will have to be closed during the convention.

Thanks for your coverage, Matt!

Leslie Robinson will be running some original stories about DNC security in the near future. Stay tuned!