Friday, March 23, 2007

Hotline on AFL-CIO Convention Threat

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Hotline On Call is a great blog, but they're strangely 2 weeks late in reporting on the AFL-CIO's threat to ask to move the convention away from Denver. But they do advance the story:

Privately, senior labor officials have re-assured Denver's host committee that it shouldn't read too much into the AFL-CIO's collective expression of disappointment.
Not that the convention was going anywhere even if the AFL-CIO did ask it to be moved.


Anonymous said...

just a heads up, it says in the chronicle, a newspaper in upstate NY (and we're not talking whichester county here. it's actual upstate. it's from above albany) that Glens Falls NY will now be holdig the Democratic Convention. As crazy as is sounds to me living near there that it would go from DENVER to little old Glens Falls, It's a reliable source.