Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dems legally obligated to stay in Denver

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The contract signed by the DNC requires the convention to be in Denver, regardless of threats to ask to move it:

Two hard facts have emerged that suggest last week's move by the AFL- CIO to win support for pro-labor legislation by threatening Democrats' 2008 national convention is destined to raise tensions, if nothing else.

The Democratic National Committee says it is legally bound to hold the convention in Denver.

The sponsor of the pro-labor bill at the center of the big labor threat says he won't carry it again because he fears another veto by Gov. Bill Ritter.
The Democratic Party says it's too late to change track.

"We're contractually obligated, period," said Stacy Paxton, DNC spokeswoman, adding the party would be liable to city and Pepsi Center officials if it decided to move.

A copy of the contract reviewed by The Denver Post supports her position.

The convention is not going anywhere.


Matt Pizzuti said...

This whole situation is ridiculous. Those who follow news in Denver know that Governor Ritter publicly said he supports the bill he vetoed, but could not sign the bill based on the tactics of its proponents. One of the Democratic governor's campaign promises was to support labor, but another one was to support bipartisanship and change the way politics are done in Colorado, which he is currently weighing as more important.

Hmm... So let me get this straight; the AFL-CIO receives a stinging rejection of its legislation by a labor-supportive, Democratic governor based on "bitter and partisan" tactics, so they turn around and spew a bunch of bitter and partisan tactics as revenge. It doesn't seem like their strategy is going to work. It seems like having a Democratic legislature and a Democratic governor supportive of your cause gives you room to act reasonably, especially when those elected officers specifically said they would not reward un-reasonable politics.

denverdan said...

Oh labor, labor, labor. *Shakes head* Stop twisting arms already.