Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dem Kilroy wins in OH-15

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You lose 2 elections on Saturday, you win one on Sunday:

Now it's official: Mary Jo Kilroy will be going to Washington as the first Democrat to represent any part of Franklin County in Congress in a generation.

Final vote tallies released this evening by the Franklin County Board of Elections show that Kilroy defeated Republican state Sen. Steve Stivers by 2,311 votes out of 304,053, outside of the 0.5 percent margin to trigger a recount. - Columbus Dispatch
This puts the overall Democratic net gain in the House back to 21.

Update: In LA-4, while "early" votes were included in the totals, absentees and provisionals were not. They will be counted on Tuesday. Carmouche has not conceded, and this race isn't done yet.